thehealthymom (thehealthymom) wrote in ww_michigan,

Sooo, I disappeared for a looong time!

 Hello everyone!  If anyone in this community is a long-time user, you may remember me as the former pluspetitemoi from about... a year or two ago?

Well, i'm baaaack!

My name is Corinne.  I had lost about 80 pounds about five years ago.  Gained it all back, and then some... I've just found out that I have hypothyroidism, and Metabolic Syndrome.  I just had a baby son on Valentine's Day... i've been married for a year and a half,

and i'm back to lose 120-ish pounds!

My motivation is low.  I have a hard time believing in myself and my capabilities, especially after dealing wtih the severe hypothyroidism.  I would eat about 1100 calories a day, working out for an hour five days a week, and was gaining (And docs say that you do not gain weight just from a thyroid disease!??  HA!  Yeah right).  I grew out of my wedding dress and had to buy a new one.  I gained about 50 pounds during pregnancy, and have lost 30 of it.

I REALLY REALLY need the support, PLEASE!  I'm joining WW online today...

.... speaking of - does anyone have an extra WW code??

I'm Cross-Posting this to the new communities that I'm joining today!!
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